FireWood Votive Candles

There was something about that log he was about to throw on the fire.  The piece had a rough exterior, cut and split years ago, aged to silvery patina.  He continued to roll it around in his hands and study it’s shape with an artistic eye.  Sure, his wife thought he was ‘a bit touched’ but, again, something about that wood and what may be hidden inside made him wonder…..

FireWood products are as unique as the wood they come from; hand-made from reclaimed firewood – Yes firewood!  These are distressed pieces of hardwood Madrona, Maple, Cherry and have natural and aged, natural edges. They come with a 2″ filled glass candle but can also be used with glass vases (with a 1 3/4 inch base).  No two are the same and each is numbered and signed.  Great for wedding tables, picnics or an outdoor patio.  All are sealed and finished with hand rubbed wax.  You can also request a gloss-lacquered finish.  Your guests will wonder where you got these!  Tell them.

Firewood Votive Candle Holders – Singles with 2″ filled glass candle.  Approx size is 2″-3″ tall, 5″ -7″ on sides.
Retail Price $28 each  (Wholesale pricing upon request)







Firewood Votive Candle Holders – Triple Set with 2″ filled glass candles
Retail $75. (Wholesale pricing upon request)