Melchert Road is founded on the principle for sharing a unique perspective on Northwest Style, art, craft and places.  Susan and David are the owners and have travels throughout the region and beyond but always with a flair for design, reclaiming objects and collecting the stories that come with.  The have lived on a small island, Vashon Island, for over 38 years where the culture is creative.  In these pages, you will find some of their collection, many of their stories and their own specialty craft.  We certainly hope you enjoy.


Susan Napa 2Susan

Welcome! I’m usually the quiet one of our team although our family just might disagree. They lovingly call me “unfiltered”. I have a long list of likes and dislikes. On my like list is acoustic music, October, smell of the beach, quilts, lemon pie, first snowfall, peonies, anything hand-crafted. Dislikes?  Well, you will see them surface in later thoughts.

I have always collected building designs and stored them in my mind. They are collected from childhood homes to interesting building I find in our travels. When traveling, I’m always drawn to the architecture of a location before anything else. I plan to share my observations of these designs and favorite finds as Dave and I explore.




Greetings, Dave here. The rambling voice of all things inspirational. I prefer to dream than do, which means I am the one to look for inspiration around me and wonder how can that ..thing… be adopted differently. I also tend to dream about places to go, things to do, and, to Susan’s chagrin, ideas about businesses or products I could create.

We once traveled to Maine and visited the acclaimed ‘Jordon Pond’ restaurant in Acadia National Park. There I sampled, for the first time, popovers, a tasty buttery treat that must be eaten when fresh and hot. I came away thinking what a fantastic name for a coffee shop/bakery/gathering hole for the little town we live in. “Hey Susan”, I said, “I have a great idea. Why note start a coffee shop and serve these tasty popovers as our specialty and call it “Popovers”. You get it? Pop over for a cup.” Her eyes rolled and then came the finish… “umm, no”.

But always the optimist, I didn’t let that deflate me. I have gone on to other great business ideas such as a co-op fine woodworking store where wood artists (like myself), can sell their wares. I have an affinity for artists as I enjoy watercolor painting, woodworking, sculpting, and drawing. I have many forms of creative release that empowers me to see new art forms in average items…sort of found treasures.

My other specialty is, or are, people. I have collected their stories, studied their habits and, professionally, studied how teams work and how people relate to each other…..personal dynamics. In essence, I collect people and enjoy talking and hearing their stories. I guess I am the outgoing half of our great team.

Why is all this important? As you read in this blog, you will see the different voices of myself and the lovely Susan. We are the yin and the yang, the sun and the moon, the Fred and Ethyl, the M and…well, the other M. We have grown to balance each other and love seeking treasures that inspire and delight. With Susan’s keen eye for design and years of design training along with my quirky art views, you will gain an insight into true Northwest style and what is worthy of our inspection and what isn’t. We will share where to find great treasures otherwise missed. Join us, ride along for the fun.